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Karate Is One Of The Best Physical Activities For Boys And Girls Of All Ages! Parents And Teachers Are Reporting IMPROVED Focus, Discipline, And Grades From Our "Karate" Kids!
Give Your Kids Better Concentration & Self-Discipline • Self-Confidence & Positive Attitude, Inner Strength & Self Esteem
At GoForIt safety Is our #1 PRIORITY! Our kid friendly environment is designed with your child in mind. We have state-of-the-art Safety Floors. Cameras and Certified Instructors all to insure your child’s safety!
Students learn through repetition
that as their disciplines increase, so will their
freedoms. Their body will begin to move effortlessly and gracefully. More importantly, kids learn that when they apply themselves in a similar manner to their schoolwork, their grades will begin to soar.
Focus IS the key to a child’s learning ability
and Academic Success.
We utilize over 40
Teaching Strategies to keep your child’s
attention and help them learn be successful
in our program.
We gently encourage our students to overcome their Fears, Uncertainties and Doubts (FUD’s) constantly by celebrating the smallest victory and teach them to continuously move forward in the face of their FUD’s!
Our program combines Traditional
Martial Arts Methods along with State-of-the Art
Strength and Agility Skills.
Our facility is stocked with
all the latest equipment used by today’s Athletes.
Programs are designed to help your family learn
what to expect from our team, plus what is expected from you, the parent. You will meet with our Instructor bi-weekly to insure
your journey in our program is pleasant and productive.
For more than 3 decades our Team of
Martial Art Professionals have taught over 10,000
Kids, just like yours!  
We will be sharing our vast experience with you in the form of Parenting and Nutrition Tips via email and Facebook!
Our students learn valuable Stranger Danger & Bully Defense Strategies. Not to mention, our award winning
“I Can!” Character Development Program designed to help kids develop a Non-Quitting Spirit that will be vital to their Academic Success, and more importantly, success in life!
Rule # 1 at GoforIt is smile and have Fun!
Rule #2 is NEVER forget Rule #1

Our program IS fun.
Children will play Karate games that
are not only fun, but challenging!

300 South Broadway
Hicksville NY 11801